Umbrella Found

Oops! It was in my coat pocket…! Just to let you all know…

If this were a livejournal account, my ‘mood’ would be set to ‘sheepish’. Gosh, how I miss good old LJ. Does anyone actually use LJ anymore? I remember when I was on that every single day and sometimes up to three or four times a day if I was really bored or hung over (which was very, very often back then!). Feeling a bit unwell today. I think I’m feeling some delayed effects from the weekend. I think I’m getting far too old for all this going out and boozing up stuff lads!

In other news, I have updated the look of this blog to give it a much more suitable, sterile / clinical, yet boyish look. I also managed to remember what day the rubbish men come (Tuesdays) and get the bins out just in time. Additionally, I fixed three of the four broken cupboards in the kitchen, cleaned the cooker out, watered all the plants, hoovered the house from top to bottom, made a semi-decent porridge this morning AND last but not least, found my umbrella in my own coat pocket this morning (ZERO idea how it got there as I was not wearing that coat when I went out but I did come back super drunk, so… who knows, eh?!).