First Night Out In Errrrrr, A While…

So, it’s been a while since I’ve been on a night out. How long?, I hear you ask…? Ok, so I could lie and say that it’s been a few weeks, months or even over a year but the truth is this; it’s been three, yes, three years. Yikes! I hear you say, in partial disbelief and shock / horror – haha.

Well, yes, it truly has been, however, it was a night to remember and I’ve got the grainy, poorly shot iPhone photos to prove it (will upload some of them later on – once I get the horribly purple filter off them all). We went to Islington, graced about four bars with our 5, 30 something man presence and then went to a nightclub in Leicester square that I absolutely can not recall the name of if I sat down in a dark, quiet room and tried.

I sort of miss not having a Facebook account, if only just to upload pictures of good old times and look back on when I’m (even) older but I just don’t think that it’s worth the hassle and I prefer to live in the moment and enjoy real life. Again, this goes back to what I mentioned in my very first post on here – I don’t want to read people’s status updates / twitter updates etc. I want to see them in real life and have a chat over a cup of coffee. What’s the world gotten to anyway?! I was asked over and over and over if I’m on FB and “can I add you as a friend?” when we were out and these requests all came from lasses that I had only just met! I gave some of them my number and told them what I always say to my family and friends – if you want to meet up, in real life – great! If not, ok, fine but virtual life / friends / whatever just isn’t for me.

I had the BIGGEST hangover ever the following day as my body was sooo not used to alcohol. I also got in at around 6 and my body was definitely not accustomed to that! I got to sleep at around 7 and didn’t get up until 10.30 when I realized that I just couldn’t sleep and felt like being super sick in the nearest sink / loo but it was so worth it. Kevin fell over right into a gorgeous blonde’s lap and she didn’t look impressed. He bought her a drink and now they’ve got a date lined up for next Saturday night. It was worth it if only to see that, never-mind all the laughter and shots!

As I said earlier, photos to come… Keep a look out.