Mornings Musings

It has become apparent to me this morning that I need a new job. An embarrassing admission, I know. I walked into the office literally 10 minutes late and soaking wet from the rainfall that only seemed to occur as I walked from the tube station to the office as it is now sunny outside (grr) and I already have three new files on my desk. I’m finding that my weekends are slimming down to virtually nothing and that as am getting older, it’s becoming harder and harder to gain the energy to keep on going throughout the week. I’m reaching my Fridays feelings completely shattered and barely able to do anything.

Maybe it’s time for a trip down to the local job center? Ok, maybe it’s not quite that drastic, BUT in the grand scheme of things, I should start looking and I may even migrate to something that’s just part time for a while until I regain some strength that’s a bit more permanent. I’d hate to reach retirement like some of my friends. We all know that Chris retired at just 45 and that was with serious effort. I’d really love to do the same! We shall just have to wait and see what the wind brings.