Missing Umbrella

Oh! I completely forgot to mention that I lost my fave umbrella at the weekend when we were out! If any of you have it, please let me know. I’ve Whatsapped most of you but haven’t heard anything back as yet. Please check your pockets / Dave – it might be in your car so can you have a look when you have a moment? I’ll message you as well because I know you’ve only read this blog once! It’s black with a white handle so it looks a bit weird and you’ll know it’s mine as soon as you see it – urgh I hate buying new things and spending money!!! Hopefully someone will find it somewhere. It’s definitely not with my stuff and I didn’t leave it in the cab on the way home before you ask! 😉

Call me a total cheapskate BUT I need all the money I can save right now after ‘The Big Move’…!