Mid March Blues

The ‘January Blues’ are usually relegated to well, January. However, I felt nothing of the fabled January Blues in January. I’m actually feeling them now, in mid-March.

I’m wondering why and more importantly I’m wondering when they’ll go away. I think it might be the weather but I’m not sure. Most of you who know me, know that I’ve been through a lot this past year or so and although I’m very much enjoying my new home and the new location and locals, I’m wondering if I’m a bit isolated here and thinking often about whether or not I actually made the absolute right choice. Then I think well, nothing is perfect and that I just have to make it work, especially now that I’m actually all moved and settled in…

I heard about diet changes and how you should also eat a diet according to your blood group, so I’ll definitely have a look into that at some point but for now, I’m definitely going to ride this incredibly cold March weather out with endless cups of Assam tea and digestives. If anyone wants to pop by for some banter and a laugh, let me know and we’ll book something in. I need some more laughter in my life right now.

In other news, I have a brand new mac laptop with all the trimmings and I intend to blog to the max with it. If you’ve just been sent over here via Facebook, which is where I posted about this blog, you can also email me on my new blog address via davidmoray@moraymarathon.com.