Landlord Dave

So I had a resin driveway installed in my rather basic but well renovated, 2 bedroom buy to let in Chelmsford, Essex. Wow, that was EXPENSIVE! 

I’m very happy with the result, don’t misunderstand me, but wow, the amount of money that cost -phew!

Anyway, I’m going up to see the final, set result (as it takes some hours to set and I left pretty much as soon as it was done!), next Sunday the 17th if anyone wants to pop down to Essex with me? We can make a little road trip out of it if you like. I’ll bring the popcorn and you can drive – haha.

road car

The old Ford above looks almost -exactly- like my old one back in the 90’s – whatever happened to those cars anyway? Did we stop using them altogether? I’m going to keep an eye on on eBay for one – I’d love to buy one super cheap and whip around in it at the weekends.

Anyway!! I’m off topic again for the hundredth time in a row today (I’ve been doing that all day long in the office – grr). What I was talking about was the driveway that I had installed. It looks very fine indeed – smooth and the colour is really amazing – so vivid and cool. I can’t wait to see it all 100% complete and see what it will do to the value of the property of course!

I’m hoping that it would increase it by at least 3% or so. That’s what someone in the biz mentioned a while back anyway so we’ll see. I think the tenants love it -they messaged me last night and were pretty happy. I think the fact that the place looks nicer will mean more social stuff for them – which is really nice. Happy that it changed things for them too. It’ll be time to find brand new tenants soon so…. Yaaaay! 🙂