Moray Says It’s Official: “I’m Online”

So after thinking that it might very well be the beginning of the end, it seems that in actuality, it’s the beginning of the beginning; new home, new blog, new curtains and even a new (yes, you’ve guessed it) – rabbit hutch (to rule all rabbit hutches). 

Good ol’ el cheapo Ikea has proven itself the ultimate pound saver and bank account fluffer. I can’t tell you how much STUFF I bought for almost next to nothing; everything from kitchen cutlery to rugs to couches. The new house is well on its way to completion and it looks good too. My last home boasted a rather utilitarian theme (suitable for me at the time as I was working extended hours in the office and not really in need of anything too cosy or frilly) so this time around, I have decided to aim for something a little more warm and possibly even go as far as being fairly decadent. I noticed that Zara Home also had some reasonably quality home items on offer also

I may document the progress of the new home in this journal, I may not. We’ll see how the mood takes me. Despite going through the huge life change I recently experienced, I actually have other (and possibly better) things to talk about, although I have to say that I’m finding it worrying exciting and even comforting to talk about placemats and furnishings!

On a fresher note, Ooni is finding the new pad simply spiffing (or he must be as he has stopped munching so much fur off) and is undoubtedly enjoying the bigger, open spaces this place has to offer him. He especially likes sitting near the patio door in the kitchen on his little blanket all curled up and dreaming of [insert something that cats really love here].

New and exciting updates soon…! Keep an eye on the front page. 

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  1. Wow, you even leave comments with this great theme! Woohoo! Eat your pants out, Livejournal!

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