Entering Summer Mode!

Oh wow, it’s sooooooo early in the day for a Friday but still, here I am blogging away. I have to say that this blog has become somewhat of a relief as I come here to vent away and feel better about everyday life. I think venting is really, really important and that’s what a lot of people use Social Media for (or Sock media, as I personally like to call it, lol). I’m going to vent some more now.

My car is so low on fuel that I am scared to drive it to the nearest petrol station because¬†at the back of my mind I’m wondering¬†if it would actually make it there. I drank too much green tea but can’t be bothered to visit the loo and I think that I’m low on cat food but when will I get the chance to go to the shops – I’m working FLAT out! Lol. Hmm.