Deciding To Renovate The Bathroom

Have any of my friends recently renovated their bathrooms? Mine looks utterly disgusting at present. I got out of the bath last night and one of the lino tiles had slipped out of position. I didn’t notice and stepped on a bare floor board which had a thick coating of black slime (maybe algae?!) on it – yuck!!

When I moved in, I didn’t really mind the bathroom. I needed a place to stay that was decent and this house certainly lived up to that but yesterday, after that happened and I moved a bit around the house, I actually have noticed that it might need more work than initially thought. Does anyone want to help me renovate the bathroom? Anyone at all? I’ll take any painters / keen amateur decorators etc etc? The black slime definitely needs to go one way or another. I’m going to take the tiles up when I get back from work and clean the wooden floor somehow. I can’t risk stepping in black slime again, especially after just getting clean!

If I’m really honest, the place is a mess. I thought that having a loft would be a great idea but prior to buying this place, I never actually had a look in it – until last weekend. Hmm. It wasn’t quite as cool as I thought it would be. It’s chock full of dead wasps, and I mean chock full. I honestly have no idea what’s that about – maybe they had a wasps nest? Either way, it was horrible. I had to wash my hair really well after that because I felt sooo paranoid about having little tiny bits of wasp in my hair – ick! LOL. I might take a photo next time I’m up there and all kitted out in some kind of hazmat suit. There’s also a fairly large opening on one side of the roof so that definitely needs to be fixed too. Ugh. Nothing is ever simple with properties. Oh well, better to learn now rather than later.