Christmas Shopping – Huge Trip Coming Up

OK – I’m wondering if I’m too late already…! I’m thinking of planning a huge shopping trip for Christmas with all my loveliest closest friends. Since I’m anti-social media (including FB, Twitter – for twits), and all the rest of it, I’m wondering how I’,m going to contact you all… I think it;s going to be a good, old fashioned group text thing – sorry guys! I know you prefer FB messages, esp for groups, but I can’t stand the thing. Obviously, if you’ve subscribed to my blog, you’ll get notified when this post pops up, BUT, if you don’t see it, you WILL see my group text out thing

I’m free: NEXT SATURDAY – December 10th and I’m possibly also free the following Sunday too. Please let me know what the best time and location is for you all. I’m thinking Brent Cross shopping center in Hendon OR a Westfields mall somewhere – there are two that are fairly close so I’m not fussed which one you feel like going for. Alternatively, we could go to Harrods! That would be great as I haven’t been there for ages and it would be an experience! Have you seen how much gold they have??!

I’ll be in Central London that morning as I’ve got a Reiki healing appointment at 9.30am. Check out the link if you want to know more on Reiki- it’s great.

I just think that it would be really great to make a proper day out of it with some food (both proper and junk) and some drinks at some point – or maybe we can do drunk shopping!! Yaay! That might be funuuuuun…!! Just let me know what your thoughts are but what I do know id that none of us have really seen each other for ages and ages and it would be really great to get together. I’m bored poopless most weekends these days too! When it’s cold like this I get a bit depressed and feel like staying indoors near the pretty Xmas tree most of the time… Albeit with the obligatory cup of milky tea, of course! 🙂 Yum, yum, yum.

Ok, let me know your thoughts and I look forward to setting something up and at least seeing some of you at some point.


P.S. The opening times for Westfield Centres –