I’m David Moray and I’m fairly new to the blogging world. I know plenty of people who have online blogs but the last time I had (and actually maintained one) was around 2001 and that was when the internet was very, very, very different! I had a LiveJournal account, a handful of ‘friends’ and friends of friends on it, a very basic layout utilising just a couple of colours (possibly green and blue against the usual plain white background) and one universal font (good old Arial or Helvetica probably!) and I would update it like clockwork once every couple of weeks with my experiences in the past couple of weeks. It wasn’t thrilling but it was a great way of keeping in touch with friends and family prior to the creation or even thought of Facebook. And I think it was actually a hell of a lot more meaningful, too.

This section is aimed at my friends and family:

Today, I look at people’s basic ‘posts’ on facebook about what they’ve just eaten, what they’re about to eat and what they ate yesterday and I literally cringe. Is this what we’ve come to? Last month, just before packing up and moving out of my old place, I decided some thing just really had to change in my life. No more Twitter, no more Facebook, no more meaningless Whatsapp messages. I’ve got this journal and you’re very welcome to bookmark it and come back to read it now and again and of course comment on any of my updates.

I really desire more meaningful connections and interactions now, at this older age in life. If you also want to see me, why not arrange to meet up with me? I don’t wish to waste any more time sending picture messages via Whatsapp about what Ooni chewed through yesterday or what hotel I’m going to be staying in next week when I’m at a conference abroad. That’s all well and good for some but it’s just not for me, anymore. So, again, I’ll repeat myself and say that if you want to continue having a more meaningful, real life connection with me instead of just an online, virtual one, just text or call me (you’ve got my mobile) and we’ll do a Starbuck’s or Costa 🙂

Let me know what you think about this ‘new’ way of life – would love to hear your thoughts. I think that after spending some time editing the look of this blog, it has a boyish theme.