Happy New Year 2017!


Wow, so it’s almost 2017 – with just hours to go, who is coming round to mine tonight? I have 14 confirmed boys and girls and plenty of tasty cocktails! Let me know (text or call me) if you fancy coming round – ok?!

I want to say a few words as we leave 2016 behind us. It’s been a tough year for me – to be very honest, possibly the very toughest year I have ever had to face; heartbreak, deep in debt, car issues, worries about other parts of my life – you all know what I’m talking about so I don’t need to go into much detail here. Lots of things have helped, though; cutting out toxic family members, saying goodbye to heavily toxic friends, getting rid of annoying clients, getting a new accountant for my business, and redecorating my office and so on. I’m now living my plan; working super fast bouncing out of all debt (it’s almost all gone!), meeting new people via Meetups, dating sites, and just getting out and about more, new car (hooray!), renting a new flat for a while whilst doing more renovation works and then shortly after, putting a deposit down to buy a brand new home! Woohoo!

Something that I’ve also been raving about recently, as most of you know, is Reiki – this really is an amazing therapy – for your emotional, mental, and physical wellbeing. People think Reiki is only good for a pain that doctors can’t identify or whatever, but it’s amazing for LOTS of other things too. Something else that I discovered recently is also spiritual response therapy (also known as SRT). This is truly amazing. I can’t believe how many emotional issues I’ve been walking around with for my whole life and how easy it was to get shot of them completely and permanently with this spiritual therapy. I highly suggest that in the new year, you look into it as it’s amazing. Have a look at that website above and I’ll be happy to answer any qs you might have about it. BUT, not tonight – that’s for cocktails and songs! SEE YOU ALL LATER!


Christmas Shopping – Huge Trip Coming Up

OK – I’m wondering if I’m too late already…! I’m thinking of planning a huge shopping trip for Christmas with all my loveliest closest friends. Since I’m anti-social media (including FB, Twitter – for twits), and all the rest of it, I’m wondering how I’,m going to contact you all… I think it;s going to be a good, old fashioned group text thing – sorry guys! I know you prefer FB messages, esp for groups, but I can’t stand the thing. Obviously, if you’ve subscribed to my blog, you’ll get notified when this post pops up, BUT, if you don’t see it, you WILL see my group text out thing

I’m free: NEXT SATURDAY – December 10th and I’m possibly also free the following Sunday too. Please let me know what the best time and location is for you all. I’m thinking Brent Cross shopping center in Hendon OR a Westfields mall somewhere – there are two that are fairly close so I’m not fussed which one you feel like going for. Alternatively, we could go to Harrods! That would be great as I haven’t been there for ages and it would be an experience! Have you seen how much gold they have??!

I’ll be in Central London that morning as I’ve got a Reiki healing appointment at 9.30am. Check out the link if you want to know more on Reiki- it’s great.