Deciding To Renovate The Bathroom

Have any of my friends recently renovated their bathrooms? Mine looks utterly disgusting at present. I got out of the bath last night and one of the lino tiles had slipped out of position. I didn’t notice and stepped on a bare floor board which had a thick coating of black slime (maybe algae?!) on it – yuck!!

Sillyness For All Today

So I woke up this morning at 3.30am and unfortunately, couldn’t go back to sleep at all. I got up, and started listening to music from around 2000 – in particular, Leftfield’s album, Rhythm and Stealth. Wow, what an album.

Best Tea, Ever!!!

I think I just found the BEST tea, ever! As you all know, I am completely obsessed with all shades of tea – black tea, green tea, chai and all kinds of herbal teas. Teas with milk, teas without milk.