End of Summer Dancing

Heya guys and girls! IF any of you fancy coming dancing next week to celebrate the end of this Summer and the start of Autumn, let me know and I’ll try to see if there are any dancing events on near us.

Say Hello to Pedro!!

Soooooo – I got a dog!! Yesssssss. Just took him for his first grooming – he was a rescue dog and as a shepherd, he needs a regular, good groom!! I’m going to post pics soon – just need to get the camera lens on my iphone fixed – I dropped it last week and it has a little crack…

Landlord Dave

So I had a resin driveway installed in my rather basic but well renovated, 2 bedroom buy to let in Chelmsford, Essex. Wow, that was EXPENSIVE! 

I’m very happy with the result, don’t misunderstand me, but wow, the amount of money that cost -phew!

Anyway, I’m going up to see the final, set result (as it takes some hours to set and I left pretty much as soon as it was done!), next Sunday the 17th if anyone wants to pop down to Essex with me? We can make a little road trip out of it if you like. I’ll bring the popcorn and you can drive – haha.

road car

Multiverse Theory

This is an interesting one. I went on a date last night with a very lovely person. We started talking about 5D Earth and inner Earth and other realities and dimensions and the astral plane.